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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rolex Quiz



感謝WatchTime撰寫此好文 我們推薦給大家, 特此聲明並致謝。

1.Wilsdorf & Davis,the firm that became Montres Rolex,was founded in1905 in :
A. Paris
B. London
C. Geneva
D. New York

2.According to the patent filling,what was the salient feature of the movement in the rectangular Rolex Prince watch that debuted in 1928?
A. It was named for Britain's Prince of Wales.
B. The movement was constructed on two different levels.
C. It enabled the seconds to be shown on a different dial than the hours and minutes.
D. Despite the rectangular shape,it had an ultra-ac-curate round movement.

3.Why did Hans Wilsdorf select the name Oyster for his watch?
A. He was inspired to use it when he had trouble opening an oyster while preparing for a dinner party.
B. He wanted to convey that the watch,like an oyster,held a precious "jewel" inside.
C. Because of the expression,often repeated by his mother,"The world is your oyster."
D. It was a dormant name registered byOmega that he was able to acquire at little cost.

4.In its 100-year history,how many presidents has the Rolex firm had?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 9
D. 12

5.The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date model was nicknamed the "president" when Rolex gave one to a U.S. president.Which one?
A. Roosevelt
B. Eisenhower
C. Kennedy
D. Johoson

6.Which of the following presidents of the United States did NOT own a Rolex?
A. Franklin Roosevelt
B. Dwight Eisenhower
C. John Kennedy
D. Lyndon Johoson
E.Richard Nixon
F.None of the above.They all owned a Rolex.

7.So-called "James Bond" Rolexes refer to models in what collection?
A. GMT-Master
B. Sea-Dweller
C. Explorer
D. Submariner

8.According to James Dowling and Jeffrey Hess ,authors of the book"Rolex Wristwatches:An Unauthorized History." "the Rolex ___________ remains the most desirable production timepiece ever produced by Rolex."Fill in the blank.
A. Oyster Day-Date President
B. Oyster Perpetual bubbleback
C. Daytona Cosmograph
D. Oyster Perpetual Submariner

9.How did Rolex mark the 50th anniversary of the debut of the Submariner in 2003?
A. It issued a new model with a green bezel.
B. It replicated the 1953 record-setting ocean descent of Auguste Piccard's bathyscaphe with a Submariner attached to the outside of the craft.
C. It produced a Submariner book with a foreward written byLloyd Bridges.
D. It didn't mark it.

10.The number of chronometers produced by Rolex in 2004 was:
A. 428,000
B. 528,000
C. 628,000
D. 728,000

11.True or false:Rolex produced more chronometers than the combined total of every other Swiss watch company in 2004.
A. True
B. False

12.Which of the following people are NOT official Rolex "ambassadors"?

A. Eric Clapton
B. Andy Roddick
C. Jim Mantz
D. Chuck Yaeger
E. Phil Mickelson
F. None of the above.All are Rolex ambassadors.
G. All of above. None is Rolex ambassador.



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